Are you experiencing a conflict or personal dilemma in your personal or professional life?

As a certified and experienced mediator, I will be happy to support you in finding a sensible solution to your conflict.

Disputes and conflicts as an opportunity

Having to experience and endure a conflict is exhausting.

But just as there is a way into a conflict, there is usually also a way out.

I would like to encourage you to use the opportunity for change that a conflict brings with it. Let me support you working out a constructive solution to your conflict through the structured mediation process.

Mediation to end conflicts

The mediation process offers you - whether in a private or professional context - the opportunity to resolve a conflict in a structured way outside of court.

In mediation, the parties to the conflict work out mutually acceptable solutions to their conflict voluntarily and independently under the guidance of a neutral, impartial mediator in a confidential setting.

The solutions are based on the needs and interests of all parties involved and only come about if all parties involved feel that they are fair and agree to them. This makes mediation agreements particularly sustainable and long-lasting.

About me

My name is Balthasar Arnold. I am 32 years old, I live in Berlin and I am a certified mediator and lawyer.

In more than 120 cases I have already been able to support conflict parties in finding constructive and sensible solutions to their conflicts.

I conduct mediations as presence, shuttle and online mediations nationwide and in German and English.

I would also be happy to support you in finding a solution to your conflict through the mediation process, which will enable you to regain clarity.

I look forward to receiving your message at mail@arnold-kommunikation.de

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