Place, Duration & Costs


Both mediations and individual consultations can be conducted in person in Berlin or elsewhere, depending on individual arrangements.

Of course, the sessions can also take place online or as (telephone) one-to-one meetings (so-called "shuttle mediation").



It is not possible to say in advance how many sessions are required for mediation. The duration depends on the scope and complexity of the individual case as well as the willingness of the parties at conflict to work through the conflict and find a solution.

The duration of a single session has proven to be 1-2 hours.

If desired, a maximum of two sessions can take place in one day. There are of course breaks during the individual sessions, depending on the needs and length of the session.


Individual consultations can take place as a one-off appointment or as session with several follow-up appointments.
Die Anzahl der Sitzungen richtet sich nach den Bedürfnissen der anfragenden Person.

A single appointment usually lasts one hour.



I work for a fixed hourly or (half) day rate, which I will be happy to tell you in a personal meeting or call.
The amount of this rate depends on the area in which the conflict takes place. In addition, it depends on the financial situation of the person making the request. The costs are usually shared between the persons involved.
Any room rent incurred will be added to the costs.
If I incur costs for travel and accommodation, these are also to be borne by the parties to the conflict.
Irrespective of the number of sessions, a flat rate of one hour's working time for preparation and follow-up as well as for materials used will be charged after the last session of a mediation.


Auch im Rahmen der Einzelberatung arbeite ich für einen festen Stundensatz, den ich Ihnen gerne im persönlichen Gespräch nenne.
Die Höhe dieses Satzes richtet sich nach der finanziellen Situation der anfragenden Person.
Gegebenenfalls anfallende Raummiete kommt auf die Kosten drauf.
Sollten mir Kosten durch Fahrten und Unterbringung entstehen, so sind auch diese zu tragen.
Unabhängig von der Anzahl der Sitzungen wird nach Abschluss der letzten Sitzung einer Einzelberatung pauschal eine Stunde Arbeitszeit für die anfallende Vor- und Nachbereitung sowie für genutzte Materialien in Rechnung gestellt.

Initial call

The initial telephone conversation in case of interest in mediation or individual counseling is completely non-binding and free of charge!

Please feel free to send me an email for a free and non-binding initial telephone consultation to

or via the contact form: