The mediation process offers you - whether in a private or professional context - the opportunity to resolve a conflict in a structured way outside of court.

In mediation, the parties to the conflict work out mutually acceptable solutions to their conflict voluntarily and independently under the guidance of a neutral, impartial mediator in a confidential setting.

While the mediator is responsible for the process and the structure, the parties to the conflict are responsible for the content brought forward, the agreements reached and their implementation.

The solutions are based on the needs and interests of all parties involved and only come about if all parties involved feel that they are fair and agree to them. This makes mediation agreements particularly sustainable and long-lasting.

Why mediation?
Even the most complex conflicts can be resolved through mediation after just a few sessions. This not only saves the parties involved time and stress, but also money. In addition, mediation leads to empowerment instead of powerlessness on the part of the parties involved. This is because in a mediation process, the parties to the conflict remain the actors and retain control over their conflict and the solutions in their own hands.

When mediation?

Mediation is particularly suitable if the parties to the conflict are dependent on either cooperating well with each other or on at least getting along with each other in the future.

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